Audio Production and Voice-over Samples

Audio Production and Voice-over

Complete voice-over Production. I can bring your script to life.

I have been building a resource list of quality multi ethnic talent that I draw from should you need characters or narration. I can also do my own voice overs.

I use professional studio equipment to record and edit narration and I can tastefully add music or sound effects if needed.


  • Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Zoom H4N
  • Adobe Audition

Editing with two characters
Not so good hand off with customer service associate


Good hand off with customer service associate

Instructional with my Voice

Introduction to Using Apex drawing software

Voice over


How to use your new Conair hair cutting kit

voice over and music


Banking Training

Voice over

Commercial Reels

Smart Pets promotional voice over

voice over, music, and SFX


Luxury Villas Commercial

Voice over, music


Book Release Trailer

Voice over, music, and SFX editing


Honeymoon radio spot

Narration Voice over and Music editing


American Gothic

Voice over narration

Radio or Podcast

Pondcast247 Outro

Voice over, music background editing


Travel podcast Intro

Voice over and music editing


Assasin’s Creed Prologue

Character voice over, music and SFX editing


Video game character

Character voice with misic and SFX eding

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